About Us


"On The Beat Radio, where the beat never stops!"

Our Founders


OnThe Beat Radio (OTBR) was co-founded by two distinguished women in radio, each with extensive experience both on air and behind the scenes.

FancyTheCEO and co-founder Layla E joined forces to establish OTBR, aiming to carve out their own space in the airwaves.

Our Story

Our story

At the heart of OTBR’s operations lie the core values of diversity, inclusion, representation, and education, which serve as the driving force behind their radio endeavors.

Emphasizing the importance of education and opportunity, OTBR expresses their vision to create an educational platform to nurture creatives and impart knowledge about the entertainment business.

who we are

Who We Are

At On The Beat Radio, we groove to the rhythm of diversity, inclusion, representation, and education!

Our Mission

Our mission

Our mission? Jamming out with tunes that celebrate every beat of life.
We’re your on-beat station, where everyone’s voice is heard, every groove is respected, and every listener learns something new.

Let’s tune in, turn up, and dance to the beat of unity!


Our Vision

At On The Beat Radio, our vision is to create a vibrant sonic universe where diversity thrives, inclusion rocks, representation shines, and education grooves.

We imagine a world where every listener feels the pulse of belonging, celebrates differences, and dances to the tunes of understanding.

With beats that unite and melodies that enlighten, we’re turning up the volume on a harmonious future!

Core Values

core values

Diversity: We celebrate the colorful spectrum of voices and cultures, amplifying the richness of human experience through music.

Inclusion: We ensure everyone has a seat at the rhythm table, fostering a welcoming space where all listeners feel valued and respected.

Representation: We strive to reflect the diverse tapestry of our global community, showcasing a variety of perspectives and genres on air.

Education: We’re more than just beats; we’re a platform for learning, offering insights, stories, and music that broaden minds and inspire curiosity.


On The Beat Radio is my go-to for non-stop fun! From morning jams to late-night beats, there's always something groovy playing. I love the diverse mix of music that keeps me dancing all day long!
Tuning in to On The Beat Radio feels like stepping into a global dance party! The live DJ mixes bring a fresh energy to my day, and I love how they seamlessly blend different genres. It's 24- hour enjoyment at its finest!
Thanks to On The Beat Radio, my music world just got a whole lot bigger! The diverse selection of tunes opens my ears to new sounds and cultures, making each listening session an adventure. With live mixes that never miss a beat, I'm hooked for life!